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    Smoking is a very addictive habit and hence is very tough to quit. There are a number of side effects which crop when one tries to quit smoking. A person needs to prepare himself well before quitting. He needs to have strong determination and a clear goal in mind.

    Firstly one needs to make a firm decision that he indeed wants to quit smoking. One should tell oneself that he would sincerely try to kick the habit.

    One should join a group for guidance while quitting. It should be a task oriented group and should provide proper support. The groups are generally conducted by expert guides who follow the quitter through the entire journey of quitting. The chances of success improve if one becomes part of such task oriented groups.

    One should make a note of the situations that force one to light a cigarette. These situations later act as triggers while trying to quit smoking. Avoiding such situations help a person to overcome the urge to smoke.

    One should meticulously try to find out the moods when he tends to smoke the most and reduce the amount of cigarettes used per day. This should be taken up as a task and should be worked out with the group and its members.

    Once the quitter manages to minimize the number of cigarettes used per day, he can try using the strongest Way to quit smoking and that is by using medication. One can consult a medical practitioner and use the best medication that suits oneself. The medical history of the patient needs to be considered before deciding on the safest medicine.

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