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Your ADHD story in pictures – asking for help

Your ADHD story in pictures – asking for help2019-11-26T10:57:05+00:00

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    Hi guys,

    my name is Monika, am 32 and five years ago I was ADHD diagnosed. I hope that’s a good place for asking for help…
    After beginning of medicinal treatment my life changed completely. Now I’m finishing the psychology study and want to help with people with ADHD.
    At my university (SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Poland) I started a Photovoice project about people with ADHD who were diagnosed as adults.
    I want to spread knowledge about ADHD and beat stereotypes about this condition. Here is my question for you, maybe you want to help me show other people how person with ADHD feel. If you were diagnosed as an adult, you can easily help me finish the project.

    Take two pictures which symbolize your life: one before you started take medication, and second after diagnose and starting treatment.
    You can photograph anything you want: thigs, landscapes, abstraction…Pictures don’t have to be professional or even good, it’s important you take these pictures and they express two states of your life.
    It will be great if you write couple words of comment about these pictures, but it’s not necessary. But its important to
    write how old are you and when you were diagnosed. You can send me email with pictures: photovoiceswps@gmail.com

    Participation in project is unpaid and voluntary to help other people understand us and our life with ADHD.
    If you send me pictures, it means you agree for a publication of your images in this project.
    The pictures will be used only for the project. I will write your first name as an author of the picture,
    unless you prefer to stay anonymous. If you want to, after finish this project, I will send you a result of our common work 🙂

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