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    As an artist the  I experience the hyper focus as a trance and loss of time. I can work for hours at a time only stopping when I realise that I can’t see any more because the sun went down an hour ago. I have inattentive type so there are times that I don’t even hear when people are talking to me.  I don’t suffer from a drop in productivity but I will start to hurt myself more than normal . For me the downside is that I have trouble relating with other humans after working 16 hours straight. Its almost like I forget how to communicate or even comprehend what is going on around me.   I am more like a bear than a person at that stage its best not to approach me  and let me go hibernate.     I think this is a result of dopamine levels being completely depleted. There have been times that I don’t remember stopping, someone had to come in and take me away. I just wake up the next day with vague recollections of being put in pajamas and put to bed.   luckily I don’t have this problem as much when I am on meds.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)