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Is Covid-19 Making Our ADHD Symptoms Worse?2021-02-04T11:20:54-05:00

Is Covid-19 Making Our ADHD Symptoms Worse?

By Rick Green,

It seems so, based on my own experience and discussions in our Patron Chat Room about “Brain Fog.”

A Patron asked, “Does anyone else find that they are in general slow at getting things done?  I feel like even when I think I am focused and I am not being pulled off-task by large distractions, it generally takes me longer to get physical tasks done.

When I go into hyper-focus, such as in a test-taking situation, it is the opposite.  

But when it comes to physical tasks I am almost always slower than others. This even applies to my hobbies like knitting and crocheting. I don’t know whether that’s just me, or micro-distractions, or something physical.”

Lots of talk about ADHD and cognitive and physical sluggishness.  That Brain Fog not only feels worse these days, but may actually be worse.

In a Patron Webinar in September, our friend Dr. David Pomeroy talked about “ADHD Life in a Covid-19 World.”

We talked about how the uncertainty, fear, and fatigue from social distancing affects our moods and mental health.  It’s not just the fear of getting sick–there’s the anxiety from contentious election, from being out of work, and from many businesses going under.

Being stuck at home with family?  One woman posted, “I’m tired of binge watching my kids.” 

For myself, I admit I am frustrated that after taking all the precautions, isolating and sacrificing, I hear that 200 people gathered for a wedding, and now 30 of them are testing positive.

Other times I toy with the idea that, “Maybe it’s not so bad.  Maybe I’m overly cautious.”  

Then I remember my friend in California who has lost 3 friends to COVID-19.

Lately there’s been another challenge: hearing good news.  Two pharmaceutical companies have announced early testing indicates their vaccines are almost 95% effective!  Hooray!

I lock onto any good news, forgetting that it’s probably going to be another year before we return to anything like, ‘Normal Life.’  Somehow, hearing good news leaves me feeling less at risk.  As if the danger is lower now, even though a vaccine is months away.  “Maybe it’s okay now to have the kids over and see friends…”  What do I think it’s okay now?  Nothing has changed!

It’s like being in a war and hearing that there are rumours of peace talks… Great news!  But until the ceasefire is declared you better to keep your helmet on and head down.

I have to remind myself to heed what the experts keep emphasizing:

“Be patient.”

 “Wait and trust it will end.”

“Stay calm.  Don’t worry.”

“Follow routines.”

“Don’t’ get ahead of yourself.”

Uh, yes.  Thanks.  Sensible advice.  Did I mention I have ADHD?

Best – Rick Green