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Patrick McKenna’s Bio

Patrick McKenna

Actor Patrick McKenna may be best known for his fifteen years of television work portraying Red Green’s nerdy techno geek nephew Harold, or more recently as Frank Kanaski in Global Television’s new hit medical drama REMEDY – but it’s his work on the award winning Documentary “ADD and Loving it” that brings Patrick the most satisfaction.

It was during the filming of the documentary that McKenna was “officially” diagnosed with ADHD (verses the endless family and friends rants, name calling and law suits that inferred it). He then agreed to try a prescribed medication and some life style changes that might help propel his relationships, career and driving record into a more positive direction.

Since that time McKenna has been using his hilarious ADD experiences and perspective to tour Universities, conferences and PBS stations throughout North America touting and promoting the benefits of ADHD testing in children and adults.

As McKenna notes, “Its never too late to find out what makes you fantastic!”

Patrick began his acting career with Toronto’s famous Second City Theatre Company.  Then he took to the road as a Stand Up comedian headlining in Universities and clubs throughout North America with highlights including being the opening act for Dionne Warwick and Smokey Robinson.

Eventually, episodic television beckoned.  First with the hilarious Red Green Show with fifteen seasons as the loveable, nerdy, techno-geek, Harold; while simultaneously performing five seasons in the acclaimed dramatic series TRADERS.   Variety newspaper noted, Mr. McKenna “has made television history” by being awarded Gemini’s for both the “Best performance by a Lead Actor in a Comedic Series” and “Best performance by a Lead Actor in a Dramatic Series” in the same year on the same night.

Currently Patrick co-stars in two new hospital series, HARD ROCK MEDICAL for TVO and APTN as well as Global Televisions newest hit drama, REMEDY.  With any remaining free time, Patrick continues to guest star in several dramatic and comedic series from MURDOCH MYSTERIES to THE MERCER REPORT and has recently entered the world of cartoons; lending his voice to no less than five regular animated series.


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