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Procrastination and Boredom/procrastination-and-boredom/
7 Reasons For The ADHD Explosion/7-reasons-for-the-adhd-explosion/
Is ADHD An Excuse?/is-adhd-an-excuse/
CAREERS: Focus on Strengths/careers-and-strengths/
The Interesting Secret to Planning and Organizing with ADHD – Part 1/interesting-secret-to-planning-and-organizing-with-adhd-part-1/
A Brilliant Way to Set Goals/why-do-you-want-it/
‘Twas the Night Before an ADHD Christmas/the-night-before-an-adhd-christmas/
Hyper Holiday/hyper-holiday/
Rick Green’s Presentation to POND (Province of Ontario Neurodevelopmental Disorders)/rick-greens-presentation-to-pond-province-of-ontario-neurodevelopmental-disorders/
Stop Shaming ‘Lazy Parents’/stop-shaming-lazy-parents/
Is Ritalin The Same As Meth?/is-ritalin-the-same-as-meth/
Be Happy This Christmas/be-happy-this-christmas/
Three Aspects of a Proper ADHD Diagnosis/a-proper-diagnosis-includes/
Do ADD Adults Have Low Self-Esteem?/add-adults-low-self-esteem/
Why Can’t I Fall Asleep?/why-cant-i-fall-asleep/
ADHD? Try Harder? Are you kidding!!! – A Rick Green Rant/try-harder/
To Tell or Not to Tell? The Smart, Safe Way to Talk About Your ADHD/tell-tell-smart-safe-way-talk-adhd/
Have Your Feelings. Don’t Let Them Have You/trustingyourfeelings/
Don’t Confuse Cause and Effect/cause-and-effect/
OCD & ADHD/ocd-adhd/
Financial freedom from a frozen asset/financial-freedom-from-a-frozen-asset/
ADHD & Anger – Highlights/adhd-anger-trailer/
The Name Of This Disorder Keeps Changing/the-names-keep-changing/
Is ADHD Just a Vast Pharma Conspiracy?/conspiracy-theories/
ADHD Medication Chapter 22 – Why Try Medication?/why-try-medication/
Our ‘Unofficial’ ADHD Test/our-unofficial-adhd-test-video/
My Child Has No Friends/my-child-has-no-friends/
Disclosing at Work/disclosing-at-work/
Life with ADHD – My Husband Makes Me Crazy/breakfast-in-bed/
“But he can focus when he wants to.” WRONG!!!/he-can-focus-when-he-wants-to/
ADHD? Don’t Label Me! – Part 1/dont-label-me-part-1/
ADHD? Don’t Label Me! – Part 2/dont-label-me-part-2/
Rick Green rants on Scientists, ADHD, Full Moons, Facts & Statistics/rick-green-rants-scientists-adhd-full-moons-facts-statistics/
Explaining ADHD to Skeptics/three-inches-less/
ADHD & Money Issues/add-and-money/
How people with ADHD appear to others/how-adhd-adults-appear-to-others/
The Costs of ADHD/the-costs-of-add/
Bill’s ADDventures – Off to Work/off-to-work4/
The Holistic Solution to ADHD – Highlights/holistic-solution-adhd-video/
Life with ADHD – A Talky New Years (I Can’t Stop Talking)/talky-new-years/
Help! I Feel Stuck! – New Years Resolutions/lack-of-progress/
Does Rudolph Have ADHD?/does-rudolph-have-adhd/
ADHD and Holiday Shopping/adhd-and-holiday-shopping/
Holiday Overwhelm & ADHD/holiday-overwhelm/
Isn’t Everyone ADD Sometimes?/isnt-everyone-add-sometimes/
ADHD: What’s the key difference between those who struggle and those who succeed?/accepting-is-key/
Life with ADHD – Make A List? The Good, The Bad & The Ugly/make-a-list/
Old Spice Meets ADHD – An ADHD Commercial by TotallyADD/old-spice-meets-adhd-adhd-commercial-totallyadd/
Life with ADHD – We Put The Hyper In Hyperactive!/chaise-lounge/
The Terror of the ADHD Diagnosis/the-terror-of-the-adhd-diagnosis/
ADHD Medication – Chapter 44: This Is Your Experiment/this-is-your-experiment/
ADHD Medication – Chapter 27: Self Medication – It Feels Good/self-medication-it-feels-good/
ADHD Awareness Minute/adhd-awareness-minute-no-music/
Is ADHD Like Height? – Everyone Has Some?/adhd-is-like-height-everyone-has-some/
Mark Bertin Explains Mindfulness/mark-bertin-explains-mindfulness/
“Driven To Distraction” by Beth Nielsen Chapman/driven-distraction-beth-nielsen-chapman/
An ADHD Ford Truck Commercial Parody/ford-truck-commercial-parody-video/
ADHD: Treatments vs. Cures – A Rick Green Rant Part 1/adhd-treatment-vs-cures-rick-green-rant-part-1/
What’s It Like Having ADHD?/whats-it-like-being-add-2/
ADD & Loving it?! – Highlights/totallyadd-loving-it-trailer/
Sh*t no one with ADD Says/sht-no-adult-with-adhd-says/
Procrastination & ADHD/procrastination-adhd/
Is ADD a Disorder? Or a Syndrome?/syndrome/
Do people with ADHD suffer from higher rates of depression?/collateral-damage/
ADHD Ruins Lives When Untreated & Undiagnosed/untreated-undiagnosed-it-ruins-lives/
The Adult Symptoms of ADHD/the-adult-symptoms/
ADHD Treatments vs Cures – What’s Possible: Pt 2/adhd-treatment-vs-cure-part-2/
Prioritization and Procrastination/prioritization-and-procrastination/
Driving Risks & ADHD/driving-risks-adhd-jerome/
Life with ADHD – Impulse Control? Don’t Touch That!/wet-paint-signs/
Everyone Thinks They are ADD – Featuring Laura Muggli, M.D, Margaret Weiss, M.D. , PhD/everyone-thinks-they-are/
ADD & Secondary Disorders/confusion-comorbidities/
Why an ADHD Coach is Powerful/coaches-role/
The Difference an ADHD Diagnosis Makes/difference-diagnosis-makes/
Guilt and Parenting an ADHD Child/a-father-and-son/
Paying Attention to Attention Itself/paying-attention-to-attention-itself/
ADHD Strengths – A Teacher Missed What My Son Saw/a-teacher-missed-what-my-son-saw/
The Reason I Procrastinate, And What To Do About It/procrastination-and-overwhelm/
Are ADHD Medications Safe?/are-medications-safe/
Cycling & Exercise with Greg LeMond/greg-lemond/
Time Management: I’m Always Late – Video/time-management-im-always-late/
“All Natural” Doesn’t Mean It’s Safe or Effective/all-natural-no-additives/
The Right ADHD Medication/finding-the-right-adhd-medication/
What are the Biggest Myths about ADHD Medication?/the-biggest-myths/
Who You Are Is Awesome! Simple Strategies For Parenting ADHD Kids – Highlights/awesome-simple-strategies-parenting-adhd-kids-trailer/
Is Ritalin Over Prescribed?/is-ritalin-over-prescribed/
Life with ADHD – I Can’t Sit Still at Meetings!/the-boring-meeting/
Is ADHD all made up? – A Rick Green Rant/all-made-up/
What’s the Most Powerful ADHD Tool? Education/stigma-education/
Marijuana Myths/marijuana-myths/
The Perfect Career for ADHD – Highlights/perfect-career-adhd-trailer/
The Interesting Secret to Planning and Organizing with ADHD – Part 2/the-interesting-secret-to-planning-and-organizing-with-adhd-part-2/
The Good, The Bad, And The ADHD/the-good-the-bad-and-the-adhd/
Harlem Shake with my ADHD Support Group/harlem-shake-with-my-adhd-support-group/
March of the ADHD Penguins/march-of-the-adhd-penguins/
Jake Wetzel, ADHD & The Olympics/jake-wetzel/
Rest in Peace, Kate Kelly/rest-in-peace-kate-kelly/
ADD & Mastering It! – Highlights/add-mastering-it/
Calm, Clear & Focused – Highlights/calm-clear-focused/