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ADHD Medication: Things You Should Know

Are ADHD Medications Safe?

Are ADD meds Safe? Should I take ADD medication? What are the dangers of stimulants? Are they addictive? Will they turn me into an addict? Will they fry my brain? Increase the risk of addiction? Lead to illegal drugs? How safe are they? Really? (Hint, millions of people take them every day. And not because they have to, because they make a difference.)

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Are ADHD Medications Worth The Risk?

Concerns about the side effects of taking medication, and the long-term risk of adult ADHD medications stop many people from even trying them. Add to that, the misinformation, stigma and myths around medications and it’s a wonder anyone tries them. For many people, at some point the risks of not taking medication for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder become so great that the fears are overcome by the need. Many of us consider the long term effects of taking a medication, but not the long term of effects of not taking medication on our quality of life. In this video, we tackle the tough questions “Why bother taking medication? Why risk it?”.

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ADHD and Addictive Behaviour

Self medication doesn’t just include cigarettes, alcohol, and marijuana. This chapter talks about the many ways addictive behaviour appears. Read the transcript of this video here

ADHD and Money Management

Is it possible that by taking medication to manage your ADHD you may end up saving money? Listen to what Dr. Edward Hallowell, Dr. Stephanie Sarkis, & Dr. Ari Tuckman have to say, you may be surprised. Read the transcript of this video here

This Is My Experiment

Gathering as much information as you can about medication will allow you to not only make a more informed choice, it will make the experience of taking medication less confusing, with fewer surprises, and hopefully help you to find the right medication for you that much quicker. But your experience with medication will be unique to you. Or to your child. So it’s important to work closely with your doctor and get trustworthy information. But ultimately, as Dr. Margaret Weiss points out, this is your experiment.. Read the transcript of this video here

ADHD Medication Fears

ADHD medication for adults and children is a hot button topic.  This video addresses 7 fears about medication for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder including:

  1. ADHD drugs are unsafe
  2. I’ll become addicted to ADHD medication
  3. I’ll lose my personality, or my child will not be the same
  4. ADHD medication side effects will be terrible
  5. It’s a gateway drug
  6. Once I start medication for ADHD I’ll never stop
  7. I’ll need more and more meds for ADHD

Blogs About ADHD Medication

My Story of Stopping ADHD Medication

TotallyADD founder Rick Green shares his story of stopping and starting his medication for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

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ADHD Expert Rick Green

Medicating Myself Without ADHD Medication

I’m going to make a bold suggestion. Every adult with undiagnosed ADHD  finds ways to ‘medicate’ themselves.

This was a conclusion I made after interviewing eighteen adults from local ADHD support groups.  These adults represent a wide range of ages and experiences.  Caffeine.  Nicotine.  Cannabis.  Extreme sports.  Alcohol.  High-risk careers.  Constantly changing jobs, homes, and relationships. All things that they mentioned regarding how they managed to ‘get by’ before being aware of what was going on, and getting a diagnosis.

So, it may sound outrageous, but I’m going to suggest… Pretty much EVERY SINGLE ADULT WITH UNDIAGNOSED ADHD IS MEDICATING THEMSELVES.

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Self Medication

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