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Re: A perfect stranger knew just by looking at me….

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Thanks Scatty, sis/bro.

Kindred Spirit sounds the best.

Bikes are great, I don’t trip on it much. ADHD has made dealing with it a bit harder. But this ADD mind of mine can be my worst enemy. I’m getting better at dealing with it too. If I had to choose, I’d rather be paralyzed than have ADHD. No lie.

Because of this web site, n the places it’s led me. I can deal with both fairly well now. But that can change just like the weather. “when you’re traveling at the speed of light, don’t trip” I think I made that up. But I’ll bet some famous person already said it.

I think we’re all capable of being very organized. For me, it seems I’ve always been much better at keeping organized at work. Even managed a handful of times in restaurants. First a pizza place, later I was a sues chef. There’s a clear difference between how organized I can be at home and at work. I’ve been fired for being late. Fired for having too quick of a temper when I was 19 and became assistant Mgr. at a Togo’s (excellent sandwich shop). Later when I managed a pizza place. I did great. Accept for the paperwork. I got in trouble with the Bank because my bank deposits were wrong more than just a couple times. So I can’t count. But I could keep the place “looking” organized, neat n clean. The inside of my brain is a different story.

My apartment is sanitary, clean. But very cluttered. Sometimes it gets very organized n I’m in heaven for a short time. Then I start forgetting to put stuff away when I’m finished… it stacks up… mizery begins to snowball… you guys know the rest of that continuing saga.

Junk mail… Crap!, don’t get me started huh?

>>> I think maybe what she’s seeing as ‘organised’ is me working very fast, dashing around with a serious look on my face (thinking, ‘where the hell am I supposed to be right now?’ probably!) <<<< We kinda “look” organized when we’re in that sorta hyperfocused, desperately keeping from looking as confused are we actually are mode. I dunno. Maybe that’s just my perspective. We can sometimes forget to give ourselves a break. Or even some credit!. You deserve some Credit Tidler, I betcha that’s all your co-worker was doing. :o)

Here’s a pat on the back,

***Pat Pat Pat*** Good Job!!!

OOps almost forgot.

Yep, that’s me. My “deep thoughts” pose, ***snicker** it was my lady friends idea. We had fun. (not the “new” lady friend, good friend though)

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