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Re: ADD, rage and cross cultural parenting

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I would think that if your daughter doesn’t have a problem with anger now and is otherwise well behaved that she shouldn’t have a problem in the future. I suspect that the brain is most pliable when young which is to say that now is the best time to put in place good habits (which she seems to have) and develop coping skills for life in general even if she doesn’t have ADHD.

There is evidence to suggest that the father-daughter relationship has a big effect on a girl’s self esteem among other things. It surprised me to learn of this. I suspect that the women on this site can attest to this fact. I’m not sure what this means in a case like yours, but is something to consider, perhaps in another forum. If you do divorce because of his ADHD, your daughter sounds like she is sharp enough to recognize the reality of the situation and strive to control her own anger issues as they begin to surface, should they ever.

As you can see, we’re all just full of advice. I hope some of it makes sense and is useful.