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Re: ADD, rage and cross cultural parenting

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Thanks, Tiddler, that is my hope too. Ideally he will make the hard but right choices and set an example for our daughter should she have similar problems in the future.

I don’t believe I make excuses for or “accept” his angry outbursts, nor have I said that things are okay (clearly things are not okay!) I read over my posts above to try to see where I would have given people that impression, but I don’t see it. I described the situation from both his perspective and mine in the hopes that people with ADD like my husband could give me suggestions about the best way to approach him. Having come from a home where no one ever raised their voice, my first impulse is disgust and to just tell him to grow up. But that likely won’t lead to a good result, you know? My husband has improved, let’s say 70% compared to where he started from. Now I’m trying to figure out how to get him to keep going for that final 30%. Of if he only makes it to 25%, or 20%, is living with that the lesser of two evils between that or getting a divorce? Yes, scattybird, it is very complicated!