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A bunch of timers:

-Three egg timers ~ I am bound to find one of them when I need one. Make sure the bell is loud, this way you can put them out of the annoying ticking range but still hear the alarm go off.

-Two watches with countdown alarms with a repeat function ~ Same reason, I’m bound to find one. Saves me from clock watching. Alarm goes off, I get my treat time (a break).

-I’m a FireFox user. They have a bunch of timer addons! My favorites are ‘ReminderFox’ and ‘Simple Timer’ because both of these allow me to set a .wav file as the alarm. I have a collection of wavs including Monty Python, Bugs Bunny, and more.

I find that once I start to ignore one of my timers, it’s time to use a different one.

Some advice I was given or I read or I possibly made up:

– Keep repeat timers to about 20 to 40 minutes if you can. Take an actual break of some sort. If you groovin’ on something then turn off the timer and hyperfocus onward.

There is a company in the US that sells a somewhat expensive watch with a vibrating alarm. I did a little research, and although I can’t remember exactly what specific models, I know that Timex and Casio make watches with vibrating alarms. I haven’t come across the Timex in the wild, but I have seen one of the Casio models at Wallyworld, aka. WalMart, about a month back. It has a surprisingly strong vibration. A silent alarm would be great at meeting or in classroom, even if it’s just there to remind you to refocus.