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Dr. J.

Adderall IR is not available in Canada only Adderall XR incidently.

I am loving the comments people are making to help you Veronica and I am waiting to hear how your story turns out.

Might want to use some type of rating scale to determine medication effect and side effect profiling, by the way, rather than a subjective feeling because after time we can’t remember baseline.

Here is a typical side effect scale:


oh man! thank you, Dr. J!! this is totally going to be helpful when i go see my doc next month for my follow-up appt.

so far, he decided to place me back on XR twice a day. so, we’ll see how that goes. he’s super concerned about my weight, so he has instructed me to get “everyone on board” with the fact that if i lose any more i’ll disappear. hahahaha. now i have the guys at work reminding me to eat and hubby and the kids remind me at home. so far, so good.

as far as the therapist. she’s nice. and helpful in getting what is ADHD, ENFP, and just a daunting of mundane tasks that everyone goes through. my next 2 goals are 1)controlling my impulsivity with money and 2) communicating and/strategizing a better way to approach me on things i’ve totally dropped the ball on (with regards to people outside of work). my hubby and family suffer when they feel they can’t approach me on things, b/c i become too sensitive. any ideas on that? perhaps i should start another thread in the forums for it.

any hoots, that’s my update so far. thanks everyone for the words of encouragement.