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If I came across like I did not appreciate the feedback? I apologize, I do appreciate all feedback, as I stated before, I am very new to seeking answers to these issues. My intent is to let people know who I am & where I am at to the best of my abilities, often when I am on this site I am also watching my children, Trying to concentrate on typing and watching little ones at the same time is not something I should be doing. So now I am here alone, maybe I can do better at communicating. I can relate to what Curlymoe said about developing new relationships with customers, I am still looking at that carefully, but am seeing some definite shortcomings, After having a long conversation with my wife about some of the pitfalls of communication & ADHD, Now that her & I are both aware of some of them it has made talking to each other easier and better (more meaningful) I realize those same pitfalls have affected my dealings with customers, I can imagine they thought me cold, inattentive, uncaring & a myriad of misunderstandings that I have been totally unaware of until now. I am still not sure how to over come these things, but the knowledge of them is the beginning. I have been reading an excellent book called “Delivered from Distraction”. It has a wealth of information and I see myself all through it. I must say that I feel at times it is information overload, yet I find myself excited at the possibilities, In just the past few days my relationship with my wife has improved dramatically due to us being able to communicate better. Once again I thank you for sharing you’re your insights with me. I hope you will continue to do so.