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I have viewed the VIDEOS here on this sight…… The people here at TotallyADD.com have put together GREAT videos about ADHD. There are many videos here that explain Holistic approach… No! it is not VOODOO stuff. The videos provide information on the many ways to treat ADHD. They are short in length (Most under 5 mins. in length) but appear concise and informative . Just as there are many components to treatment as there are many types of ADHD…. It would be a good Idea to check out these videos and discuss them with your health care provider. Therapy, diet, medication and others are parts of but not limited to pieces you may need to manage the Syndrome of ADHD. Through proper and thorough diagnosis by your health care provider only then I believe you will move forward with understanding and learning to work with the issues that you may be dealing with ADHD. Lastly, I might suggest you find other sources about ADHD (Books, Websites, Support groups, Drug companies and etc.) as the more knowledge you gain the greater chance there is for success for you and those around you.

Hope this helps….