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njadd….. Yes that helps, I have heard the term Holistic used many times, with a varity of definitions, I needed some clarification of what you were getting at & that is the aproach I am taking. I want to watch the vidios on this site, but I am on a dial up service here at my home which will not play videos, so until I have time to get to my local library that has high speed internet I will not be able to wacth them. I am trying to use every resource I have available to most all you mentioned plus some you didn’t, Right now I feel as though I have information overlaod, which can be detrimental to me, so I am taking a step back trying to process all the info amke some informed desisions.

Thanks again, my wife & I are tackeling this together as we have a daguhtrer with ADHD & a son bginning to show all the signs, we decided if we did not take this journing together. We had little or no hope of being able to help them.