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Re: ADHD Journeys and the Unbelievers

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Aaaah. The tangents. Man I love the tangents – they are so much fun. Though not for other “normal” people, who wonder if I’m crazy. Some of them get quite frustrated too. “I thought we were talking about (whatever). Can’t you keep on the topic?” Answer: “no, and why would I? Tangents allow me to explore so much more than this nice tidy little linear topic.” I have noticed a few others who warp and weave their discussion like I do (my daughter, for one) and frankly – those conversations are so appealing that anything less than that is a let down. Which is why I hardly ever use my phone, or even answer it sometimes – if I know that a “strictly linear” person is on the other end.

And in other news – my daughter and I are both pretty sure she has ADHD too. Go figure. Wonder what our first clue was. :D Unfortunately, it would be hard for her to follow up and get any kind of appointment, as she lives in a pretty remote area.

Another thing you mentioned, KrazyKat: the inability to come up with the right response when you need it. I’m the same (sometimes). At other times, I won’t even give any thought to social niceties, and just blurt out exactly the right thing. Usually that happens when I”m not the focus of the discussion though. Often times, folk laugh, mostly because my reply is so honest but blunt. That’s fun.

But that leads to another thought: ever notice that there are times when you’ve been insulted but didn’t know it until much much later? I have. (Occasionally I don’t even see it until someone else points it out). Another good byproduct of ADHD, I think. At the time of the insult, my brain is busy processing whatever other shiny ball happens to have captured my attention, and I miss the jab. It’s a good deal because – who wants to carry around negativity when there are all these other great thoughts floating around, just *begging* to be considered?