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Re: Any gamers out there?

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Hi Carrie. As you might guess from my nom de plume, I am big into games. I’ve made more than 50 of them so far, from big-named board games to equally big-named video games. I try to meet weekly with a local group to play games socially. There’s something very attractive about having a clear set of rules and a world where you know exactly what you have to do to win.

Needless to say, some of the games are rather complex and my ADD nature means I will more than likely miss some key element of gameplay and formulating a decent strategy is not even in the cards (so to speak). Still, I don’t play to win, I just play for fun and having a fun night out with friends who accept me for who I am is pretty nice.

As for those online games, you know, the ones on that site that rhymes with “SpaceCrook,” those games frighten me. Not because I don’t think I’d enjoy them, but rather I’d enjoy them too much and never come back up for air. Know what I mean?