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Re: Any Guitar Players, ADD is an up hill battle

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HEllO ed2020: I was finally diagnosed with AD(H)D in my mid 50s and am a guitar player with 50 years experience. I am going to be 62 soon. I took piano lessons in grade one and was asked to leave the class because I was caught playing everything by ear. I play the guitar mostly because it is convenient and often not as intrusive as some other instruments.

Jazz was ‘invented’ by a blues guitar play with ADD and Heavy Metal was invented by a Rock Guitarist with ADHD – maybe!!!

Some days are better than others for me as I can be playing along and drift off into some tune totally unrelated.

I like to play blues and jazz mostly so I will listen to JAZZ24 or CBCradio2 and play along to the songs and try to focus on the melody and not copy by play along in a complimentary fashion. I have tried to learn to read music but I have not patience for that so I have learned to ‘fit into the music’ with my own flavour. I have a routine that I try and stick to as far as playing time and intention and most importantly I enjoy myself. From time to time I will sit in with other musicians at jam sessions but I usually do standards and play solo or with a bass player if I am asked to play at any small fundraisers or the like.

Firstly; I always do it to enjoy my self and that helps a lot.

I am a Certified Life Skills Coach and a Certified Counsellor and work with others coping with AD(H)D and other ‘functional situations’ and it is all good in time.

Good luck and own your space.