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OH MY GOSH TIDDLER!!!!! for me I think you hit the nail on the head !! I don’t know if what I struggle with is my adhd or other events of things that happen to me over my lifetime? so how does one find out if it is adhd or something totally unrelated .

here i s a small list of things that my life has seen?

(1 I was born breach and blue with blood dripping on my brain.

(2 was always to l I was supposed to die or be retarded!

(3 was raped by a mentally handicapped man from the time I was age 5 till I was 10 and could not even admit it until I was 22

(4 was always told I was not able to do what everyone else was doing I was to small or fragile .

(5 was always bulled in school by staff and students.

(6 siblings always told me how stupid I was.

(7 never had any close friends.

(8 dropped out of high school.

(9 I have been in several traffic accidents.

(10was told by my mother I was not wanted , and a general screw up all my life. so what then is adhd and what part is just part of broken useless me. sorry I try not to post because I have no positive to give from this gift . so did all these things that I think are part of my adhd or did it just become a screw up because of my life or because of my choices. I WISH I HAD DIED AT BIRTH!!! sorry for the rant but all I see is all these gifts over a life time .

THANKS trashman