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And, for the record, many clinicians who specialize in ADD—like Russell Barkley—claim there is, in fact, little if any upside to ADD.

You’re right. There isn’t any clinical evidence for an upside to ADHD. But any one or any number of positive attributes listed in Jim’s post can be present in any adder. Just because the ADD doesn’t bring anything fantastic to the table doesn’t mean that we’re not full of fantastic traits in our own right, just like anyone else. I did smile at the ‘can create order out of chaos’ one though, because I can certainly create chaos out of any order, any time, without trying!

Trashman, you’ve been through far more than anyone should ever have to deal with. I don’t know how to express how much I admire you and look forward to your helpful, though provoking posts. And if we were having this conversation over a cold beer, I’d be very sad indeed if you were not one of the people joining in.