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I like the list myself. For me, I’m always being very, very hard on myself, and at times feel like a complete failure.

Reading that list lets me know that everything about me inst negative. Even though I know that having ADHD has made my life difficult, I choose not to think of myself as having a disability or disorder. I’m just different!

The word Disorder or even the word Illness, to me, speaks of harsh connotations that something is wrong with me! I mean come on, I’m not gonna need a handicap placard to place in my car , letting the whole world know I need accommodations!.

This thing is tough enough for me to grasp, so how can I possibly get non ADDers to understand? More appropriately , that list not only speaks to my positive traits, but in reality, my specific uniqueness among others.

I am realistic. In my lifetime, I have experienced horrible situations as a result of having the ADHD negative traits. So I get what Tiddler is saying. But I don’t think ADHD is a curse, or that I am cursed! I just believe that its healthier not to think of yourself as being too High Minded ( full of pride, boasting of High IQ and special gifts) or too low with little self esteem ( always focusing on what you did wrong or what you don’t like about yourself). The best way is to think of yourself as a unique person surrounded by 4 billion other unique people. ADHD or no, we’re all just HUMAN!