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Gman, you have to take some of the posts on this board with a grain of salt or ignore them altogether. You have to find what is right for you, not what is right for these other people. If their message is not for you, then let it go.

It is hard to live a life with no regrets. I know. I’m filled with them. It is also hard to love oneself when growing up feeds you a message that your difference is a disappointment to society. These are two very difficult habits to overcome. I can understand how one can find oneself trapped with their own thoughts in their own head, always trying to predict what is the right thing to say and then trying to figure out if what you did was the right thing.

Some of us have thick skins and can overcome any negative feedback. And some of us may never develop that kind of skin.

What you can do is start to develop some new responses to things that upset you. Try breathing. Just some deep breaths, like you’re slowly filling a lake in your belly. Then slowly let it drain, relaxing as you do so. It helps to fill your mind with something, like counting, to push aside the distractions so all you are doing is breathing and counting. The point is to just push any other thought out of your head, even for just the span of a few short breaths.

I know, impatient as I am, it’s hard to keep it going for long. But I’ve found it more effective than just “willing myself” to not think about things. If you can relax, you can face things with a mind that’s just a little calmer.