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I wondered what caused that for me – I can step out of an accident, and look around and focus on something and just deal with it, no panic. Today, we’ve got a blizzard down here, and I lost control of my truck (3/4 ton pickup), tried REALLY hard to regain control, was all over the road, left, right, left, spinning this way, then that way, finally rollded off the side of the road into a ditch. I put it in park, got out, and proceeded to go to the highway and pick up all the stuff that had been tossed out onto the road, even trying to get folks to move over a bid so they’d not hit the wood and shovels and such on the road.

I was really pretty calm, didn’t get upset or anything……….. and it’s been that waay with every accident I’ve ever been in, even when I was busted up. So it’s the ADD that does that, eh?