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A few years ago, the office where I had just began to work two months earlier got invaded by some people that had just lost their jobs because we had refused the entreprise a loan. They were everywhere, manifesting their anger against us and demanding that the loan be granted so they could have their jobs back. I was the receptionnist. I was told the employees were hidden under their desks. My director send for me. When I got to him, I asked him what he wanted and he answered that he just thought I wanted out of ‘the line of fire’. I was very surprised about that! What? And why are you all acting so scared? Those people are ok! They only lost their job. They are not violent. They talk to me and all. I am not at all concerned. I then asked to go back to the reception, and they let me.

I really was not afraid at all. I’ve never been so efficient at my work than on that occasion. The crisis was over after one of the lawyers of the office came to talk to the manifestants. And a few days afterwards, my employer told me I got the job permanently. I was not told but figured it was because of that day.