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Yes i am seeing an improvement .

You know some thing are really intresting , just to start i am keeping the kitchen sink clean and clear , may sound a small thing but its nice to get up in the morning and see no plates ,pots and pans where they should not be .

The main thing about that is the fact that i am not cutting my self up for wanting to do them but just not getting to it..

Example i have been meaning to clean out the fridge , every time i opened the door it just pissed me off but i did do anything about it .

Sunday i said to my wife i am going to clean out the fridge, she weht off on a erund and i was going to tackle the fridge from hell .

I removed the food from the fridge and turned it off , at this time i would have had break , check the football score and golf standing .

But i did not i stuck with it and focused on the task at hand .

Wow it was all nice and sparkly clean and before she got home .

The main problem i am having is longest list in the world that is in my brain , the list that i need to go back to the very begining and complete every little thing that stared and did not finish to the best of my abilities .

That is a long long depressing list.

Any ideas anybody