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Re: Biphentin and Concerta

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Patte Rosebank
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The “finally being able to do something about the dishes in the sink, and the clutter on the floor” was the awakening that came to me when I first started on Concerta. So was the lovely feeling of calm and focus. I could sit still for ages, without having to bounce a leg.

But then, after the first couple of weeks, these good things faded away. We tried increasing the dosage, and I just got wired and anxious. We tried changing the dosage time. We tried augmenting with Ritalin in the morning, and then we tried doing this in the afternoon instead. No luck. Lately, things are worse, because I’m not sleeping properly due to the noise and bright lights from the condo tower going in across the tiny street from me, and because my annual bout with SAD seems to be kicking in.

My GP will adjust dosages and timings, but does not feel comfortable changing the medication itself. I have to consult my psychiatrist for that. But he is so busy that he can only see me for 15 minutes, every 4 months. When I asked to see him sooner, the best he could do was every 2.5 months. This bothered me for a while, and I thought about maybe doing something about it.

But I am now convinced that, when you’re newly diagnosed and trying to find the right meds, this is an unacceptably long wait between appointments that are far too short, so I must fire my psychiatrist and get a new one.

My GP is willing to refer me to a different psychiatrist, but I need to do the research myself, to find one. I cannot afford to pay anything above what OHIP covers, so the existing specialists in adult ADHD are out of the question. Therefore, I need to find a new, recently-graduated psychiatrist (with the most recent information on ADHD)—but the College of Physicians & Surgeons’ website no longer provides doctors’ graduation years, nor identifies which doctors are taking new patients.

This is extremely frustrating!