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Patte Rosebank
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I know CAMH won’t accept any adult ADHD patients, but they might at least know of some recent psychiatry grads who’d be willing & able to take new patients. Failing that, it’s trawling the records on the College of Physicians & Surgeons website.

The gigs involve singing & telling comic anecdotes at events, parties, and retirement homes. When I perform solo, I’ve learned that I have to plan everything thoroughly (including my travel, on public transit), arrange for what I need at the venue in advance, and refer to my watch during the show, so I don’t run over- or under-time. This works very well for me, when it’s just me. But when the other person has severe, undiagnosed ADHD, and is all over the place, I can’t make them follow my plan. All I can do is keep myself on-track as much as possible, and be prepared with a “Plan B”, just in case. Performing is “exciting” enough for me, without the added “excitement” of trying to keep the other person on-track!