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Re: Biphentin and Concerta

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Hi Guys ,

I understand completly , ADD is so under the radar untill you know the difference then its like a sledge hammer .

Its what people deal with everyday but with us it can draging you down so quickly , it just take putting of one thing for me to plumet into dispair .

Going to the DOCs for check up and evaluation for increasing my dosesage next week . I have never seen him so much.

My wife see a big difference in me , which is good exercise is working to , power walked 18km last Saturday , i need to exercise.

Sleep is the one thing i can not control , whinny dog at 2.00am does not work for me , is there a natrual sleep aide out there .

I heard that Super sleep from webber natruals is good , does any body know if it good with Biphentin.

Am i rambling , sorry ..Its good to vent every now and then .