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Thats to bad Megatron , My doc slowly increased my dosage and i was lucky not to have any side affects .

Over the week between Christmas and New years i had some kind of infection , up and down fevers swollen glangs and headaches .Desicided to not take my Bipthentin for a couple of days, went for a coffee with my wife and friend and i was totally blown away on how i felt .

Decaf coffee , but i was 10 times as bad as the Dog on Up .

I was not making eye contact with anybody even when they were talking to me , i was looking out the window , infact i could not concentrate on anything .

When we left my wife and i talked about what happened ,it was weired like a out of the body experience .

The weird thing was i knew excatly what was happening .

I know i went cold turkey , but if i was half that bad before the drugs i now know why i had no friends and bad relationships .

Back on track now , and would thank my wife for starting on this journey to get a handle on this condition .(Is condition the right word)