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I chose to read this thread because my son was bullied for most of his life. He is now 21 and pretty big so that has stopped somewhat.

The fact that the thread became a topic regarding holding a job is interesting to me because I think I may have helpful info. My father was very ADHD as am I. He couldn’t stand working for someone else who saw things in a structuered way–so he opened his own successful business and ran it in his own sideways fashion. I also hated to be in an environment where I was watched and nit-picked about things. I found that I did well working in a satellite office where things were more relaxed and we accomplished our work in a more out of the box manner. I did so well that I kept getting offers to move to headquarters. No way was I interested in that! If it is possible to try either of these options you may find it easier to find success. Good luck!