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I had a bad Christmas my son is with a Girl who is a real bully she is a teacher which I can’t believe she remined me of my father and mother. She would act tough like she was from the Streets were I used to live in Toronto. So when we would sit at my table in my house she would star and give a mean look to my grandson to make sure he ate his food he is only five it got so bad I had to talk to my son (she is the stepmom) I kept talking to him. And nothing happen he didn’t know what to do. So I but notice with ADHd you get hyper focused and the axiety build.

The thing is I’m tough I had to be growing up. She wasn’t disaplined growing up and she thinks she was better than ever one else.

Always talking and acting like she was tough.

Well the day after Christmas I got so angry and focused that I went to talk to her parents. I was having panic attack because she was every bully of ever one I ever meet. So by the time I got there I seen her at her parents place And blew up it only lasted three minutes tops.

Now I can’t see my Grandson and Grandaughter for now. Looking back I realize that your pass does come back to haunt you sometimes through other people.

But she wasn’t all that tought can you image My face beet red, eyes bulluging out and my eyes are very blue. I confronted said one line and she walk away. I thought at my age I was pass the school yard fighting. Growing up I was small but mighty. To live on the streets at the age of 14 in Toronto and servive.

But I notice if things don’t get delet with the explosion happens. At the age of 53 my life is still in tumoil. When you have raised your self you don’t know how to lay the boundies in a wright way and deal with problems. Looking back respect comes from laying down boundies and do thinds wright from the beging. But when the adult bullies reminded you of your father you walk away.

So I ended up in the hospital because I knew what I did was wrong with the worse anxity attack witch they started in the fall.

M;y son has been with her for two years. That is why I had a hard time dealing with it.

I’m to the point I’m tired and worn out with life. Trying to deal with my mother and my husband being pissed of with me for years.

And sometimes you marry what is familur. I have been treated like an idiot all my life.

But one thing out of all this that day with my red face and bulging blue eyes. I stood up to all the bullies in my life. And all she did was walk away. She wasn’t so tough after all. But no one will ever bring me down to that level again. Even though my father was dead for twenty years I stood up to him that day.

What is going to happen now I don’t know. now I can’t see my grandchildren. I,m going to take time out. Looking for a shack on the ocean and just paint. Clamdigger