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Re: “But you SEEM so smart!”

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That was a stupid thing to say! I can’t believe someone in the medical profession would say something that stupid. I wonder about the training going on at these institutions. I wish there were more people like Patch Adams in the world. he was a good doctor and a good human being. I love that movie. I actually had a therapist tell me that i should give up persuing my dreams and accept that my adhd and anxiety limit me and stay on disability for the rest of my life. i wanted to break both her knees. i just walked out because she wasn’t worth going to jail for that little cunt! Another therapist i stopped seeing drove me mad because she was always going out on conferences and was shocked when i got pissed about it. right now i’m seeing a student intern at one of those publicly funded places and he’s actually pretty good. he’s a fellow jersey boy and he’s very interested in getting me off the ground and back on the horse and out of miami. yeah i know that me wanting to get out of miami sounds strange but really it’s murder here unless you’re into all that beach stuff and i’m not. i want to go back to jersey and live a fulfilling life. i can relate to that whole thing about people not minding their own business and wanting to but into personal matters that you don’t want to divulge. It’s so annoying!!!