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Re: “But you SEEM so smart!”

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It goes along so well with “She is not meeting her potential” or my favorite “She could do so well if she just applied herself.” To this day if someone says the words “apply yourself” it sends shudders down my spine. Sadly when I was in the school system, it was not designed for the ADHD child. When I watched Patrick in the classroom scene in the documentary it was a real aha moment for me. On the bright side, the school system seems to be valiantly trying to catch up. My ADHD son has gone from failing grade 4 to being on the honor roll in grade 11. It took quite a bit of advocacy on our part, but we were able to get him accommodations to do some tests verbally, do work in a quieter area to allow his hyperfocus to thrive and he got to be evaluated on what he knows vs being evaluated on how well he writes tests. The best part is that this year, he has decided not to use his accommodations so that he will be ready for university. Guess what, he is thriving!!! I am so great full that he has been given this opportunities and that he is being rewarded for magic brain instead of being punished like I was.