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Re: “But you SEEM so smart!”

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i applied to a competitive catholic college that required interviews as part of the application process… i will never forget the priest that interviewed me putting me on the spot because of my high SAT scores. he asked me to explain the discrepancy between my SATs and my GPA to him because it looked like i was a classic underachiever….

perhaps he should have read my application prior to interviewing me. i had explained in a personal statement that i was diagnosed with ADD half way through my junior year of high school… my GPA was low due to my pre-diagnosis struggles. i never thought a priest would use my good SAT scores against me in an interview setting!

kind of off topic, but i was very open about my ADD while in school, but i have never been open about it in my career. i am open about it with friends too, but i fear it might be used against me if it gets in HR files or something.