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Re: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy?

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I’ve done CBT as part of my therapy and I found it worked. Yes, it involves writing things down, but if it’s going to help you overcome the negative impacts of ADD, then it’s worth the effort. We are, after all, responsible for our own recovery and sometimes that needs work on our part. Skills, not pills: it’s the thing that will really change us.

A lot of how we react to the world is automatic, like a script or recording. Something happens and we re-use these scripts mostly out of habit. But if we can re-write how the response is going to be, like re-program the response, we can alter the outcome of our reaction. A lot of us with ADD usually react to the world without thinking and we do or say things that may be inappropriate or hurtful. We get in our own way. Or wish we could take that moment back.

CBT, I found, allowed me to stop and think for a split second and “change tracks”. A lot of the research I’ve read about ADD, CBT is highly recommended. I didn’t find it required a lot of concentration because you are really doing “what if” scenarios. Your CBT facilitator usually we guide you through the process. As far a being demeaning, it’s no more demeaning than when you do something you regret as a result of ADD.

I didn’t want to sound all “tough love” or anything, but CBT can be worth the effort for you. Ass ADDers we need every advantage we can get to control ourselves.

Just keep focussing on the benefits.

Hope this helps…and good luck.