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Ahhh yes….coaching I’m unfamiliar with, so sorry Rev, I can’t/shouldn’t comment………I’ll certainly take your word for that. I understand the prescription issue $$$$$$, for sure. I’m on a medical plan (like blue cross) I bought into years ago, when I was young…so I’m not out of pocket too heavy for any meds. That is always and alternative….I think… buy in young, with an eye to senior years is not a bad idea….it’s an alternative. I’m just sayin’………..for anybody looking forward…….meds become a big part of expenses in your senior years………A BIG PART….not just for ADD either.

Interesting point about being a “protected disability”. I understand ADD is termed (by some) as a spectrum issue……so I’m not sure how it would work?? So many ADD folks are not debilitated, at all…. in fact, there are some out there, who view the way their brain processes to be a boon, while others unfortunately suffer and suffer intolerably….so, gosh, I’m sure that raises issues all over the map ????? It is no wonder that any type a decision in that regard in not forthcoming.