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Fortunately it’s all thick ice around here JMHO. Most of the news I watch is on PBS: BBC World News America, PBS News hour, n Charlie Rose. Maybe too much lately, with the middle East coming apart so quickly. A little local news now and then. Until the idiot box starts throwing commercials at me. When I had extended basic I watched more of the BBC news. it’s better TV. Now I know why, thanks Ipsofacto. And I really like Katy Kay too. what a doll :-)

I worked on that post 6? hours ago for probably more than 3 hours. Just couldn’t get what I wanted to say right. Too much crap getting dug up by my new therapist maybe. The last 11 months has been a wild ride for me. Never ending forgiveness… I’m just not happy on this planet, yet.

I’m sure Dr. OZ is a good doctor, I’ve watched enough little segment to put that together. I’m just not female. Women are good at certain things and men are good at certain things. 98% of his studio audience is women. What that means depends on anybody’s perspective. I’m done making judgments about that.

There is no superior sex, I know that for sure. Kids need both a mom and a dad. I’ve been a single parent, so I got a little bit of a taste of what it’s like for some women. Just one kid, and she’s doing well. In fact she’s incredibly kind and patient. Imagine listening to me on the phone!… yep, she’s patient.

The differences between men and women are ENDLESS. Don’t get me started on that mystery. Are there any experts on this?

It’s a crazy world and we’re all under pressure. I have no real idea what it’s like to be a woman and no woman has a clue what it’s like to be me. Learning to understand each other is what makes the relationships interesting. Make sense? I know this, I’ve been in love with several awesome women. Hopefully I’ll get some sanity before the next miss right comes around.

And I just decided not to post the second half of this craziness.

Sorry about hijacking your thread distractedmomma. I hope you find more help here. It takes more than a month and a half to sort out the can of worms that ADHD is. This place is a huge database of ADHD info and experience. You’ve got tons of choices for help. Explore, read, watch the video’s. Get some of those books. It got worse before it got better for me. But it happens different for each of us.

Bye you guys… I’ll be back, later.


I may be an insect, but I ain’t no termite! :-)