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@Robbo, Dr. Oz is on during the day, and is aimed at women that largely stay at home, that’s why his audience is female. If you look at the advertising of any given show, you can determine the audience.

Really, I hate daytime TV, and I’m a woman. I only used to watch it because when you are stuck in a chair, with a nursing kid, who won’t be put down, because she’s growing like a fiend and can’t get enough milk, despite everything else ya shove down her gullet, and you don’t have cable, well, that means you have not much choice in TV. LOL! Anyway, that’s who the target audience is. If dudes could be stuck in a chair nursing, the dudes would get hooked on that stuff, too, and you’d see more football ads. LOL!

RE: Long posts…that’s the irony of ADHD; ADHDers can’t sit and read a long post but boy, we sure can write ’em. LOL!