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ADHD is not a mental illness, it’s a mental difference. Many of us end up with mental illness due to ADHD. Trust me, I freakin live there.

Healthy is one of the least understood words I can think of. Not that I can think of many words. That’s why I invent my own words many times. Capitalist pigs use the word “healthy” sell us crap.

You’re right Geoduck, our mental health community still hasn’t come up with a better way to describe ADHD. Mainly because they don’t understand it!. NONE OF US DO. There are no freakin experts. The profit motive is the biggest problem with any field of medicine, including psychiatry, psychology, and all the lame “new age” bull they throw at us.

This community only represents a small portion of the ADHD community. The vast majority didn’t cope as well as us. I’m talking about the ever increasing homeless population. The largest prison population in the world right here in the US is packed tight with angry, insane, misunderstood, and doomed ADDers. We’re the lucky one.

The “Insiders” I can’t stand that term. If I don’t cough up whatever the price turns out to be “an insider” here at totallyadd.com. what does that make me?. Well what’s the opposite of an insider?, what most of us have felt like most of our lives. Bad choice Rick and friends.

I don’t know crap about Dr. Barkley, I just know he reminds me too much of my dad. So of course my own issues discolor my ability to pass any kind of judgment on him. Does the guy ever smile? Is he as angry as he looks?.

Thanks Geoduck, I’m gonna write this down and put in on my wall. “Don’t become your ADH label.” I changed the letters. I think calling this a disorder is one of the bigger mistakes they’ve made. I wonder if syndrome fits. Maybe after I learn more about writing English I’ll come up with something. Maybe just us the d on the end for difference. We’re just different. Ever human being on the dang planet has a disorder. It’s called being a human being. Much less than perfect.

<<“Im sure if we were all sitting in the same room together we`d be cutting each other off and changing the subject constantly lol!>>” LOL. you’re right!. it would be fun too. Lot’s of jokes mixed in, huh?. Of course later, after the one hour limit of how many times we can click on edit to change our posts I realized that going off topic is a big part of why we’re so interesting huh? That reminds me of a great joke… hehe. An ADDer walks into a bar… fill in the blank you guys!… we got a million of em, huh?

How funny, I thought you were a dud Geoduck. Please don’t take that bad. On the Internet it’s sometimes nothing more than a wild guess!. and nowadays, women are doing all the things men do, n vise versa to some extent. That’ snot a compaint either. From now on I’ll realize I’m reading a womans point of view. Not that it will make any freaking difference at all :-) Us squirrels should probly stick together, huh? Heck, even my body builder avatar could be female, huh? I’m kinda like Rick too. I’ve got a girly voice hehe. Darn, I ran a search with google for that “I’m not a woman” blog using google, but found this at least. FUNNY! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ka59V4TFefM

Your right about the length of posts Geoduck, I’m one of the weird ones that spend about 5 times more reading than writing here. N that’s saying a lot, because some posts can take me 3 or more hours to edit, and I still won’t be happy. Good examples above, for those of you who are like me, and really do read all of what people have to say. (of course! that’s not always true, nothing I say is always true.) We got that in common huh? we contradict ourselves as a way of life. Dull, boring, that’ snot us! :-)

I’m not gonna edit this one. I decided a couple days, er… a day ago????? to spend less time here (again that it…) But this time I mean it! really…



PS, I’m just stuck in a chair, but don’t have the equipment to nurse a baby hehe. I respect mom’s who stick around when their kids are really little more than any other human beings. Raising kids is the most important job there is on Earth. I wish more men would get this fact into their thick skull. I think gender bashing of any kind is just dumb, so don’t take any of this wrong okay you guys?. I just got impressed by the way you described being a mom. I loved it when my little angel was an eating machine. Always keeping an eye on her when she became mobile, and everything got “the taste test” Talk about stress!!!. Mom’s rock. I love my mom and dad, ADHD kinda whacked out my family… I usually try to avoid blame, but it is whatever is it. When my dad first became a father, his wife. (he’s my step dad, that wife was his X before my mom). his wife was too afraid of holding my oldest brother (I don’t call any of my brothers, sisters, or dad “step” anything) because he was extremely tiny. So my dad kicked butt for the first 4 or 5 months. That’s just one experience I remember him sharing. I’m gonna try to quit talking about my family here. Too much raw emotion gets stirred up. I edited this “PS” part of my post cuz I didn’t want to F anything up. It’s possible my family is reading. I tell the truth as I remember it regardless. It’s till not feeling like a good idea. Plain old gut instinct.

Ramling on is not a crime! It kills me to post without editing, but I know I’ll spend about 3 hours. So maybe I’ll read it through later, when I don’t need to get into the bathroom before my kidneys explode.


PPS, as usual, I gave my post one quick read after posting. A very good habit. Didn’t change anything other than adding this second PS. Goodnuff!… nothings perfect. of course I’ll think different later. That’s one of my favorite hobbies!

PPPS. okay, I went pee. I just read your post again Geoduck, Great stuff!. I’m fairly well medicated tonight. Got lot’s of rest. So my perspective is fairly “healthy” by my standards…. What a word huh? Doctors deal with sick people all day, and under pressure. So of course their idea of healthy might be a little out of whack. If I get close to passing judgement, I usually get a bad feeling in my gut that probably means stop. I’m learning to listen to it better. But when people tell me “I don’t judge” I just ask them how they pick their friends! lol. They usually shut the F up at that point. We do it, we judge, it’s not a crime. It’s just risky.

That thing you said about Bark ly lol. (like what I did to his name?) he’s a real barker! hehe. OUch! I just busted my own gut!. I’ve been wanting to make fun of his name for a long time. Now I’m done. Anyway. the last time one of my brothers kicked my ass he litterally picked me up, turned me over and dropped me on my head!. So yeah, maybe Dr. Barker is right? I remember after I got up that I flipped out, Just kept walking into him, he kept fisting me in the face, but I backed him into a fence and did some serious damage to his face. Never again did a big brother kick my ass. Of course we still got in tons of fights. That’s just what brothers do. Ah crap. I was gonna stop talking about family wasn’t I? I remember it well, so no brain injury… I’m guessing we all get countless minor brain injuries. Remember when none of us had even heard of wearing a helmet on a bicycle? Even in the late 80’s I never wore a helmet, didn’t even own one!. And I had many death defying wipe outs in the hills, on the 10 speed, and later on the mountain bike. Too many to count if I could count. I wonder…. hmmm never mind. The only time I remember getting a headache from a bike wipeout was on my motorcycle. Good helmet on that day. Not counting the wipe out that left me paralyzed. I’m sure I had a headache then. But I don’t remember the first 10 days after that one. Don’t feel bad, just pray for me if you believe in God.

Keep trying smaller file sizes distractedmomma. Maybe read the directions one last time a lil slower? I had to try about 5 or 6 times myself, probably… who counts? There’s no giving up when born with ADHD.

I’m just not in the mood to edit the crap out of my writing tonight. So if it’s a bit raw. sue me! lol. The one time I did read through, most of the typo’s were typical ADDer typo’s that I’m sure you guys can add the extra letter I forgot to… Goodnuff. It’s more honest to say that I’m beginning to get into the habit of editing as I go. I must be lernin somthin.