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Re: Do you have Predominantly Inattentive Subtype ADD, too?

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Wow, WOw, and WOW! I’m kinda new to this site (found out about it a couple of months ago. Not new to ADD. Been diagnosed since I was 13 – I’m 33 now. Male, Canadian/Irish roots, blood-type O negative. Not 100% sure on the last bit.

Firstly, Stacerella, thank you for the original post! This has been a long running topic of confusion and mystery for me. Even though I was diagnosed with ADD quite a while ago (in fact, the ADHD moniker wasn’t really around at the time), I’ve often felt that some of the traits that describe the condition relate to me, and some of them don’t… at all. Not even a little, tiny bit. For example, the problems with addiction, the impulsive behaviour, the hyperactivity, they were never a problem for me. For me, if anything, I find that not only do I have pretty incredible willpower that seems almost antithetical to addiction, I can also sit and stare out a window, or draw quietly for hours, without really feeling the need to get up and move around. I’m also described as “the most chill, calm dude around” at work.

I’m also incredibly inattentive. And forgetful. And sometimes lethargic.

dspicelady, are you my twin? Haha. Strange, because I actually am a twin. What you said about the ‘mimic’ and ‘observe’ thing is bang on! I’ve been doing that as somewhat of a self-generated coping mechanism since I was in high school. I started doing it probably because of a few things. One, that I’ve always been naturally observant and tend to lean back in most environments and take things in. I’ve always like the ‘perimeter’ of the crowd, not the middle. As well, there was a time when I started feeling like I was out of synch with everyone. Not in a sociopathic way or anything, just in an odd, slightly-to-the-left, quirky way. I too sometimes feel like a fraud, haven’t ever felt comfortable being who I am, etc. The only time I do is when I draw. It’s like all the planets align perfectly and my heart rate slows. I believe strongly that, especially with ADDers, there is something out there in the world – a sport or an activity or something creative – that does this. Puts you completely in touch with what you’re wired and meant to do. Gives you purpose. Makes you feel comfortable with yourself. For me, it’s visual arts and anything creative. I work as an Art Director/Graphic Designer.

So yup. Curlymoe115, dspicelady, I identify with a good lot of your quirks. Stacerella, the point about being good at funerals… check that too.

Stacerella, thanks for starting the post. To answer your question about what type of work an inattentive ADDer gravitates towards, for me, it’s anything visually creative. My life pretty much took a complete turn when I went to college for graphic design. I always say that drawing and design saved my life:) I honestly don’t know where I’d be without it.

Cheers all.