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Re: Do you (try to) use a wallet?

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Well I have a new purse once every couple of years. I use it as a catch all for everything. When the strap breaks from the weight I usually have to buy a new one and therefore I archive the old one along with everything that doesn’t make the cut to the new one. So therefore I put the old purse in a tote along with all of its assorted contents. Another thing to go through at a later date.

I always get a nice organizer purse with lots of zippered compartments and lots of tuck places. Of course if it doesn’t make it back to the wallet I have to endlessly search through the purse, my pockets, the bag for my books, the car, the couch, beside my bed, on the breadbox in the kitchen, in my coat, in dh’s coat and as a final resort I start asking people. Only had to have 1 new bank card in the last 6 months. And the other day when I was searching for my lost bank card I found $20.00 wrapped in a receipt that I got as a cash back at the Walmart a month before. Talk about a bonus. After finally given up as lost, I went and got a new bank card (I can’t really be trusted with cash for the reason of loss, and then I had to find my library card. I had done a search in this bag when I couldn’t find the bank card but was sure that I had had it the day after when I was at the grocery store so I wasn’t surprised it wasn’t there. Then a couple of days later I was taking out all the books because I knew my library card was, there nestled close was the missing bank card. But the chip was already faded and it is good to shake up the cloners and get a new card so that those scammers are thwarted. So it was for the best anyway. And that is my story and I am sticking with it.