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I’ve got a huge problem! I was diagnosed with ADD as a child and now at 28 realized that I’m not coping as well as I thought. I recently had to quit my job as I was in danger of being fired. I took many of the standard medications as a child and although they worked I always seemed to become resistant to their effects after a couple of months. When I realized that my poor job performance was a result of the ADD that I thought I had under control I made an appointment to see my doctor. After explaining my history with ADD I was sent home with a non-stimulant based medication witch unfortunately had no effect. I was then given “Strattera” witch worked great, but I quickly realized that if I did not eat a massive breakfast i would soon feel something similar to severe food poisoning (hot sweats, cold sweats, severe nausea, headaches, light sensitivity and the inability to CONCENTRATE). Upon returning to the doctor complaining of the symptoms I was told there were no more medications I could try. I have a connective tissue disorder for witch I take blood thinners and because of this I am now unable to take any stimulant based medication. I’ve had quite a lot of success with less than legal medications of the green variety, but as I’m currently looking for a new job that rout is out of the question. What can I do, unless I get a job that will keep my attention all day I fear I may be forced to quit again?