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Meds had help me move on from problems instead of getting hyper focus on things. Well I go to see the Dr today which there are going to start reducing every thing I just got everything going with school to get my G.E.D everything is going to go down hill All the fighting is going to return man this sucks. My first test went from 7/25 when I wasn’t taken meds to 18/25 that was able for me to slow down. I’m feeling sick about this my depression is worse than ever. The other Dr focus on the fact we move all the time and on my report card it said Yvonne is adjusting to the school, but on my report card it said that I had behavirol problems. failed grade one and four. All my dreams going at the waist side again and the confussion is going to come back. I feel that the Dr dos’nt beleive me no one that I know went through this to go on meds for add . Today I go in and talk about it again but the weird part about all this the Dr that wouldn’t support he has ADD himself and got focused on the fact that we moved allot and that is the reason why I didn”t learn. But he seen all the other stuff. I did find out that I have gonitive problems. Maybe I should just accept what is going to happen All I wanted to do is get my grade 12 so i can go to art school. the Dr said that one is going to happen because of my learning problems And maybe make a friend or two. I have lived my life up to this point with losing every friend I ever had because of my mouth and just being me. Well I’ll deal with it or I should say every one else will. and the fighting with my husband will return. Clamdigger