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I went in to see the Dr and I was just with her and told her how I felt about the Dr with ADD and got forcused on the fact that we moved alot.

Plus he thought I was his age no wonder he thought I was lying. It was in the 70’s that he went though school. I was living on my own in 1972

So he said that I also need my mother to talk to them when it was just the report card I needed before. I felt like I was being judged and i was lying. This was the first time I went after a Dr in mental heatlth. I told him my mother has ADD and Cognitive problems I lived in a abusive home my mother ran the roads I got pissed when they wanted to talk to my mother. So he went to get up to leave and I kept challenging him.

So I asked my mother if she knew the type of kid i was and how I did in school. She said you were a good kid and you poked along in school.

Then I blew up with her because I failed twice barley making through. So when I was sitting alone with this Dr I told her I asked my mother to call my mother went silent. She didn’t want to call the Dr. But when I laid everything thing out to her she diceided to lower the dose to the smallest amount . So it did make me feel better this was the first time in my life I fought for myself. I have never done that I would walk away before if there was a problem. It made me feel better I realized I’m worth the effort. No one else ever thought I was worth the effort. But it isn’t no longer about what other people think. This is about me and I’m worth it. I have been beaten down all my life

these are pychrtic can’t spell that word and there telling me I’m not smart enough. And I realized something through all this. with people and Dr’s. there is differnent smarts. The smartest man in the world 175 IQ works as a bouncer at a bar. I bet his parents arnt bragging any more. We place so much importance on book smarts we don’t look at ourselfves smart in dfferent ways. I’m smart in other ways.

My mother’s cousin grade 5 education is a millionaire can’t read or write good but he had commen sence. But at least there not going to take me of the meds tottaly. I’m glad I fought for myself. Don’t ever give up I’m not any more after seeing tthis out come. Clamdigger