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olimagic…… I feel for you but with this dignose it will help you understand your self better. Some one told me just a few weeks ago that has ADHd IT IS WHAT IT IS and there is nothing you can do about it. You can’t aloud the past or try to control the present that set’s you up for a down fall. I would of done good in the Arm Forces but I had a crimmal record from when I was 16 and it haunted me for years. But we do get forcused in a crisis and we are good at that point. In the way of family you have kids that you can love. I have been married for 34 years and I married some one who is oppiste of me. Married at 18 I can go at the drop of a hat I love adventures I hiked by myself the Hike through spain I did on my own. Love to paint out doors I’m full of adventure and love to fish my husband dosn’t like any of that stuff. He needs hotel’s showers soft beds. So it was me who took the boys fishing before school hikking and camping. But there is someone out there for you. Just take your time and make sure she is hyper and loves to do the same thing. Life can be long very long with the oppisite. I’m planning to go to Mexico and meet up with a Girlfriend from out west. I do my own thing. If I ended up on my own in life if I wanted to date again I wouldn’t find the oppisite I would find someone like me an ADHD person who loves adventure’s. There is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow that many of us look for. My grandmother Lena was a bootleger and married five times. The last one stuck. Most of people I meet married 3or four times. I realized that we all get focused on looks and not if we have enough in commen. I only know one person who is happy in there marriage and found there soul mate when she was a young women. Which she is the only person I have meet that did Have a check list in your head in what you want in a women. And if you never meet her you can still have a good time in life. I do with out my husband.