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I definitely do not have thick skin. I am overly sensitive, especially when it comes to criticism of my work. I live in a constant state of anxiety that someone else will find a mistake that I made. That’s why I double and triple check my work and then sometimes have someone else look it over too. At some point, I have to just accept that it’s okay and send it out, but it’s always with some trepidation.

I used to get mad easily. I had road rage, I abused inanimate objects and I would fly off the handle over the smallest, most trivial things at work. Some people were afraid of me (haha!), but some of them waited until I cooled off and gently teased me about it. I got the point and it’s not like I wasn’t aware of my irrational [immature] behavior; I just felt that I couldn’t control it. Well that was wrong, and I can control it. It isn’t always easy, but with some effort, I can actually stay calm now when someone cuts me off on the road, etc., etc., etc.

What really helped with the road rage, in particular, was realizing that I was hurting myself by getting that angry and that I was the one who was going to have a heart attack or get shot by some gun-toting a-hole. I kind of learned to rein in my knee jerks and it has made me feel a lot better and a lot calmer. And more mature. ;)