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Re: First day on meds!

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Have a good one at work. After my morning post my mind changed. I got busy and haven’t really stopped. Not in hyper way but the day actually seems to be lasting instead of just disappearing. I’m feeling better. Made some homemade vegetable miso soup. Made a mango caesar salad and a rueben for the little lady and I cleaned up after myself, very unusual, cleaned up parts of the kitchen while cooking, organized some shelves, made a grocery list, knocked about 5 other things off my list, and still found time to write these run-on dialogues.

It’s not as amazing as it sounds, and I’m not sure how it will be once I get use to it, but I’m enjoying the little bit of clarity I seem to have. All those anxious thoughts are still there, just under the surface, but they’re not bombarding me like they use to; not so overwhelmed. I’m still mis-placing things but not as bad and feel like I might be remembering better. Time will tell.

Wow, 20mg…let me know what that does. I’m very overweight and 5mg is noticeable to me…not that weight has that much to do with it.