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Re: First day on meds!

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I get you on your story about listening to your colleague. I have had the same experience. I was on the phone with a couple of people yesterday and could follow everything being said…too funny. My colleague, who knows I drift out, even while staring at him, noticed a difference on Friday with me. He could tell.

This morning I don’t feel as good an experience as Ive been having. Still got a bit done but feel I’m really procrastinating. Is it too soon to start changing my dose? my doc originally asked me to try 10 mg ritalin. I tried that once and it was to buzzy. Since then I’ve been doing 5mg, 3 times a day, but only for 2 days (started thursday afternoon). My 2nd dose is due in an hour so I think I will try 10 again. I’m also in the test mode. I’m uncertain if I’m just getting use to the feeling or what’s going on. I’ll report later on the difference with 10mg. Have a good one.