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Carrie, wow..you just posted. YOur description of your dad sounds kind of like me. My wife is appreciative of what we’re learning about me, and our kids, together. It’s a bit of a relief.

Yes, my experience with the meds has been mixed. At first I had that kind of wow? Now I have to stop to notice the difference. Yesterday my first dose of 10 didn’t seem to be doing as much so I took 15 for my second. I felt a little bit edgy too, but I also had an afternoon coffee, so maybe that’s what did it. This morning on 10 seems to help but I’m either getting use to the feeling, already forgetting what I was like, or my experience is skewed because I’m battling bronchitis and a cold. Regardless, the difference is subtle, but better. My worry now is that I’m going to run out of meds before my next doctor appointment. My doc seems down on the pharmaceutical route and I just know he’s going to give me grief when I tell him I need 3 doses a day, not 2, and for weekends too.

One of the biggest things I’ve noticed is that I’m not as worried, concerned, overwhelmed about everything. The pile of issues are still there, but I’m able to deal with it better; sort of calmed. One of my jobs today is to journal my experiences so far, so that I remember what this part of the journey was like and so I don’t forget how difficult things were just days ago. I also have to initiate testing for my kids (mid-20 adults). I don’t want them to wait as long as their old man.

Check out the Blog spot on this site. They’ve got “homework” for us to do. Week 2 is to always take an extra second to pick something up or put something away. I’m trying to do it.

Have a good one.