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I dont think coffee and Ritalin are a good mix! hahaha That may be why you were edgy.. I would try the 15mg without it :P Im not sure how quickly or if the body adjusts to the Ritalin, but maybe skip a day of dosage to see if there is a difference? I found there is even though I dont feel any different while on it… Like I said, it wasnt until I STOPPED for a day I saw the difference! I hope everything works out with your doctor!

Glad to hear your anxiety has went down. I find thats the best part! I can do things now without the panic and overwhelming feeling of simple everyday tasks! I think the journal is a great idea, and testing for your kids too! Mine are still a bit young yet, 4 and 5… But im keeping a close eye on them! Just like you said, I dont want them to have to go through it if they dont have to!

Thanks for letting me know about the challenge! Im very excited for it! The first challenge I didn’t do because we never eat by the PC and we dont have cable, satellite, any of that (only because we never watch it so why pay?), and we all eat at the table as a family.